Wednesday, August 14, 2013

this word, "dichotomize," doesn't sound like what it means…

The simplicity of the word, "dichotomize," is not apparent when this word "dichotomize" is used in a sentence.

The fact is that "dichotomize" is an easy way to say what can be a subjective viewpoint about a particular topic, since "dichotomize" is to divide something that can be indicative of what may not be a god result.

To divide or "dichotomize" can be a way of eliminating classes of measurement with regard to economic status, and then this could a way to falsely report a result of what is measured.

I believe that when a scientific or economic report is issued by an authority to "dichotomize" is to set about to deceive the reader or entity that may be the recipient of what is a deliberate intent to "dichotomize" what shouldn't be set into a division.  This word, "dichotomize," can be a means used to diminish the importance of a classes or groups of individuals—like a census that is not accurate, and thus can lead to less representation for a particular group.
Again, it is with words like "dichotomize," and all words that are a means of communication which opinions and even political outcomes are subject to a subjective use of words rather than to adhere to the meaning in the English dictionary, which is an impartial arbitrator of what is at the heart of a fair, and unbiased media.  As it stands in this 21st century, the opposite is what is at the heart of our means of communication, and now words can be weapons.  

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