Monday, August 12, 2013

"leak" is a word that has a plaintive tonal…

This word, "leak," oddly means more than to enter through an opening through some fault or mistake, a "leak" is about letting a substance in or out, which sets the tonal for this word.

The subjective view of this word, "leak," is about letting something become known, and this meaning can often bring an upheaval due to what is open that once was closed, but then a "leak" permits something to escape that would ordinarily do so without the "leak."

Another meaning of the word, "leak," is to give information to a source surreptitiously, and the media in this 21st century is a prime source for what may be hidden or not available information—but then the use of this word becomes a source for dispute, and brings about what may be good or bad, depending on the interpretation of what this "leak" is all about.
In the proper context using the word, "leak," in a story is a valid journalistic effort to tell the tale of what was done to "leak," and thus how the "leak" took place, and who did it, then to state for what purpose is either quoted from the one who becomes the subject of the story, or the telling of what is known about the one who perpetrated the "leak."  The subjective use of "leak" in any article is apparent when the use of supposition is part of the story.  Check out how "leak" is the lead of a story which when told is an honest account of what is known, but nothing that is heresay can be part of the lead, though what may or may not be true can be presented in just that context. 

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